I retired in April 2013 after 25 years as a librarian at the British Library specialising in inventions. This included running numerous workshops; writing books on inventions and a work blog; carrying out searches for clients; and one-to-one meetings with inventors. [more]


Available As A Consultant

I am not longer available as a paid consultant, but I am willing to meet up for a free consultation in London, UK, or by Skype, to discuss confidential matters. I am not a patent attorney but am familiar with many problems that novice inventors have in sorting out their intellectual property or in running searches to see if their invention is new. I accept no liability for anything I suggest.

I am also willing to give talks. I have two so far -- My life in patents (anecdotes from my career dealing with inventors, plus the challenges of searching by subject) and on women inventors, which is about both sensible and not so sensible inventions from, mostly, the Victorian and Edwardian period.

Please contact me for further information: svandulken [at] hotmail.com

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