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2 July 2013

Apple's watch invention

The TechCrunch website has just announced that Apple has had a US patent granted for a disappearing bezel for an electronic watch to enable a bigger screen to be visible. Published today, it's US 8447114.

The problem with putting screens on tiny devices is that it's hard to see anything. Any ability to enlarge the screen is highly beneficial for the user -- and for those who wish to communicate with them.

But what do you call it ? In December 2012 Apple applied for the Taiwan trade mark iWatch in Class 9, which includes software, as quoted in an article on the MacRumors website.

If they want a US trade mark for that trade mark, the problem is that in August 2012 OMG Electronics applied for that trade mark with 85703706 in Class 9 -- but failed, inexplicably, to say it was for watches as well as various listed devices.

Earlier still, in July 2007 Platinum International Holdings applied for 77236688 for iWatch, again in Class 9, but mentioned "cell phones watch". This has not yet been registered, which is odd after six years.

This could be important, as listing goods is sometimes vital when the identical trade mark co-exists in the same class, on the grounds that they can't be confused. The earliest company to file gets the trade mark. You can quote a "priority", when you first filed it within 6 months in another country, to get an earlier filing date.

Forbes Magazine has an article on the subject which cites the Taiwan data.

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