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21 November 2013

The Morpher® folding helmet

The Morpher® folding helmet is an invention by Londoner Jeffrey Woolf. The idea is (simply ?) a helmet that folds up neatly to make it easier to take with you before or after cycling.

There is a detailed website which links to a video about it (which, unfortunately, has a strange echo when Woolf explains the idea). The site claims that it has been "patented worldwide" but I couldn't find any granted patents -- I think they mean that they have applied for patents worldwide which is a different matter.

World patent application Collapsible helmet has the main drawing shown below.

There are a number of panels joined to each other so that it folds down the middle to form a slim shape. The World search report at the end of that document cites an American patent as having some similarity, Roy Shifrin's Foldable padded helmet. Its main drawing is shown below.

I notice that the website, while once correctly using the form Morpher®, again and again simply mentions that the product is called Morpher. If you have taken the trouble to register your trade mark, as Woolf has done in the EU, you should always use the ® suffix as it shows that you have a registered trade mark, and are serious about your intellectual property.

Incidentally, while many British cyclists use protective helmets, they are little used on the European continent.

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