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6 February 2014

Snowboarding inventions

Snowboarding was influenced by surfing. In many areas you don't to surf in winter, and surfboards and snowboards both lack poles to help you move, unlike skis.

The first big patented invention here is usually credited to Sherman Poppen who filed in 1966 for his Surf-type snow ski. You were supposed to cling to a rope. He began manufacture of his Snurfer. Below is its illustration page.

Jake Burton Carpenter, who broke a finger while using a Snurfer, is credited with improvements to the snowboard concept -- he made it wider, provided high back bindings, and a steel edge to help turning. His first patent, filed in 1990, is for a Snowboard binding system, as illustrated below.

There have been plenty more since -- Google Patents lists over 60,000. Probably not all are new, and some may be of doubtful use. Others are more useful. Some may lead to yet another variant in sport.

What about the Seated skiing or snowboarding device, illustrated below.

Or the Wrist guard for snowboarding, illustrated below.

And then there's the Training aid for snowboard maneuvering, which features a miniature snowboard, as shown below. Let your fingers do the walking...

Here is a list of snowboarding patents since 2005 published through the PCT "World patent" system.

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