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28 April 2014

Designs of the Year 2014: my visit

I have now visited the Design Museum's exhibition Designs of the Year 2014 and found it very absorbing. It is on until the 25 August.

There are 76 exhibits in seven areas: architecture., digital, fashion., furniture, graphics, product and transport. I found the mixture very stimulating. Here are a couple of photos from it.

The official website for Designs of the Year 2014 (as opposed to the exhibition) lists the 76 and shows the numbers of votes for each. I didn't vote as I couldn't decide between such different products and solutions in so many different areas.

I seem to find the worlds of wheelchairs, bicycles and highly efficient cars very interesting, as my other photos are in those areas.

Below is the Chair 4 Life by the Renfrew Group.

Below is the IFmove bicycle by Pacific Cycles, which claims to be more than just a folding bicycle.

And there is the ME.WE concept car by Toyota, designed to be a light electric car for use in urban areas. I await with great anticipation the arrival in large numbers of electric cars -- they will be quiet for a start, and not emit lots of poisonous fumes. Liberate the city !

I also saw at the same venue the exhibition Hello, my name is Paul Smith. I was vaguely aware that Smith was a fashion designer but knew nothing more. It seems he is also involved in design work generally, and I loved his energetic curiosity -- he takes a camera and notebook everywhere, and absorbs ideas and influences like a sponge. I admit to being surprised by my own enthusiasm.

Each shop is individually designed and they are listed on the Paul Smith company website, and I will start visiting the 11 London shops. Below are a couple of photos I took at the exhibition.

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