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26 February 2015

Omni Business Hour on Kingston Green Radio

When I worked for the British Library I often spoke on the radio about intellectual property (IP).

I'm doing so again on the 18 March on the Omni Business Hour on Kingston Green Radio here in the London borough of Kingston, where I now live.

I was invited by John Gower, who will be interviewing me. I met him as a fellow mentor in the Young Enterprise programme at Kingston University. I can honestly say I've never met a more enthusiastic person when it comes to talking, breathing and living business. We've never had a conversation on anything else !

While John knows a huge amount about business, intellectual property was one area where he was less knowledgeable. He heard me explaining about patents and trade marks to his team at the university's Enterprise in Action module, where the students run a real if small business and see what the real world is all about (The product was BeeBra, which won a prize in the Bright Ideas Final). So I was invited onto his monthly show.

For an hour I'll be quizzed by John about what intellectual property is about and why it's important. Listeners can call in as well. I've also chosen four clips of music.

I'd be delighted if you can listen in -- IP is a tough subject for businesses, as so many don't understand it properly. It will be broadcast on Wednesday 18 March between 3 and 4, UK time, and you can listen in on this website.

John Gower's Omni Facebook website is here, while the Omni Facebook page for Kingston businesses is here.

I love the fact that it's going out live, as that gives a real buzz, and a hour gives me a chance to explain some key concepts to protecting creativity and getting a competitive advantage. I'm looking forward to it !

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