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11 March 2015

The top brands in 2014: YouGov's BrandIndex

The YouGov BrandIndex 2014 site has a wealth of data on popular brands, widely interpreted, from many countries. I wrote a similar post last year on the 2013 data.

Thousands of interviews are carried out daily to identify the best known brands. The UK brand rankings listed as top ten the following. If they were in the top ten in 2013, that rank is in brackets.

1 Aldi [food retailer] [4]
2 Lidl [food retailer]
3 John Lewis [retailer] [2]
4 BBC iPlayer [broadcasting] [1]
5 Dyson [consumer products manufacturer] [5]
6 Waitrose [food retailer] [8]
7 bbc.co.uk [broadcasting]
8 Netflix [film hire]
9 Marks and Spencer [retailer] [6]
10 MoneySavingExpert.com

We British certainly know how to shop. Only one, Dyson, is actually a manufacturer.

There are the top ten US brand rankings:

1 Amazon [online retailer] [1]
2 YouTube [broadcasting] [6]
3 Netflix [film hire]
4 Subway [takeout food retailer] [3]
5 Samsung [electronics manufacturer]
6 Apple [electronics manufacturer]
7 Google [Internet search services]
8 Lowe's [retailer] [5]
9 Ford [car manufacturer] [2]
10 Cheerios [breakfast cereal] [9]

Apple is back after two years off the index. Why Cheerios, there just as it was last year ? I'd have thought Kellogg's would have more recognition.

The site gives older figures, and even rankings within sectors. A dozen other countries such as Germany, France, China and Japan are also available.

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